Breww helps you streamline every step of your operations, so you can focus on brewing great beer.

Breww is the all-in-one solution


  • Manage your complete production process on a single platform.
  • Stock management with batch traceability.
  • Record all your fermentation & QA readings & report on them over time.
  • Batch planning and scheduling calendar.
  • In-depth cleaning and maintenance record management.
  • Barcode scanning app for Apple iOS & Android for racking containers.
  • Using Breww Tilt™ Connect automatically log gravity & temperature readings every 15 minutes.
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Sales & CRM

  • Manage customer orders, issue invoices and record payments.
  • Manage your outbound sales, with customer lists and built-in CRM.
  • Customisable customer fields.
  • View customer order history alongside current stock levels.
  • Advanced pricing options for customer-groups and per-customer pricing.
  • Automatic order importing & dispatch syncing with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and SIBA Beerflex DDS.
  • SIBA Beerflex DDS payment remittance documents automatically reconciled to the orders so you can never miss out on payments.
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Sales & CRM


  • Automatic delivery route optimisation and allocation of deliveries to the most efficient vehicle.
  • Set-up delivery areas to automatically manage delivery days for orders.
  • Assign containers to deliveries either at the brewery or on the road.
  • Delivery app (iOS & Android) for drivers with on-screen signature collection, sat-nav & barcode scanning for container assignment.
  • Delivery manifests and delivery notes.
  • Schedule uplifts of tracked containers from your customers into delivery runs.
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Container tracking

  • Fully integrated cask tracking & keg tracking.
  • Track containers on-site and in-trade.
  • Know how fresh the beer is in any container at a glance.
  • Container tracking with barcode labels.
  • Manage non-returnable containers and guest beers.
  • Schedule container uplifts into your delivery routes.
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Container tracking

UK Beer Duty

  • Automated beer duty calculation and tracking.
  • EX46 beer duty return report generation.
  • Can handle multiple (bonded or unbonded) warehouses and customers with bonded warehouses.
  • Choose between advertised ABV or actual ABV.
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UK Beer Duty

Online private trade store

  • Build your own fully-branded trade store hosted by us.
  • Configure your logo, colours, fonts and more.
  • Invite only access - invite your customers directly or let them request access from a link on your main website.
  • Not a "marketplace" - you'll never have competitor products or brands shown anywhere. It's private to your business only!
  • Customers see and order with their personalised price books.
  • Integrated with Breww's credit limit management.
  • Online card payments via Stripe coming soon.
  • Save hours of work every week taking orders by phone or email.
  • No need to manage an external e-commerce platform & update prices/stock.
  • Add-on feature - charged at 1% of the total value of orders placed via your trade store, no monthly or hidden fees.
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Online private trade store

Customisable reporting

  • Dashboard to track your KPIs.
  • Highly customisable reporting platform, allowing you to build bespoke reports.
  • Sales reporting.
  • Production reporting.
  • Delivery reporting.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered to you by email.
Customisable reporting

Accountancy software syncing

  • Automated 2-way syncing with your accounting software.
  • Sync customers, invoices, credit notes, payments & more.
  • Support for Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage Business Cloud, Sage 50 (UK), Clear Books & KashFlow.
  • QuickBooks Desktop & FreshBooks coming soon.
Accountancy software syncing


  • Import orders from sales platforms, such as e-commerce and POS into Breww for stock & delivery management.
  • Breww can take over stock control on the external platform to ensure stock levels are always right and products are not over-sold.
  • SIBA BeerFlex DDS order importing, special delivery note generation and dispatching an order in Breww will automatically update SIBA.
  • Web shop integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace - with more coming soon.
  • POS integration with Shopify POS, Square & Zettle (previously iZettle) - with SumUp coming soon.
  • Marketing/email list management with Mailchimp.
  • Automatic fermentation monitoring with our integrations with Tilt, TankNet and more on the way.
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True web-based cloud software

  • Web-based software - all you need is a modern web browser.
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and more.
  • Nothing to download, install or update.
  • Works on your computer, tablet and phone.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security.
  • Native Android and Apple iOS apps with built in barcode scanner.
True web-based cloud software

Let's Breww this!

Cloud based (SaaS)

Always online and available from anywhere. You can even keep an eye on your business while on holiday (but don't tell your partner).

Instant online demo

Want to play around in Breww with some test data? No problem, you could be in a demo account in a few minutes from now. No payment details required. Try now.

30 day free trial

We know changing platforms can be daunting so everyone gets a fully functional 30 day free trial before there's any obligation to pay us anything. We want Breww to be right for you.

Monthly rolling contract

Simple & fair billing with no surprises. After your free trial you pay monthly in advance and can cancel at any time (and take your data with you, it's your data after all). You're not locked in and will never be stuck with Breww. Pricing is based on your beer production with no charges for users - so have as many as you like. See pricing.

Disaster recovery built in

Backups are never fun, but they're super important! With Breww, you don't need to worry about them ever again. We replicate your data instantly across multiple servers and take regular backups in case something does ever go wrong. We're much more resilient to disasters than most on-premise software can even dream of.

Regular updates & new features

Our subscription model means that we can continue to fund development and ensure Breww is improved every single day. You also always have access to the latest & greatest version. Choose Breww and you'll see new features & benefits being rolled out almost every week. See our latest updates.

Accountancy software integrations



Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud
(previously Sage One)

Breww is tightly integrated with the major online accounting platforms. At no extra cost to you, we'll automatically sync your customers, invoices, credit notes & payments. Don't see your accountancy software above, get in touch and we'll discuss supporting it to help you move to Breww. We're working on supporting desktop-based accounting software packages very soon.

Other integrations

Breww can be integrated with a number of other platforms, including ecommerce platforms, POS applications, SIBA's Beerflex DDS and marketing platforms. See our integrations page for more details and all the options available to you.

Shopify WooCommerce Zettle SIBA Beerflex DDS Square Squarespace Sellar Mailchimp Tilt hydrometer TankNET

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Breww on the move…

Breww is as happy running in your phone's web browser as it is running on your desktop or tablet. Because the entire application runs through your web browser, we support all modern phones & tablets, Windows, macOS, Linux and more!

Breww is always up to date, there's nothing to sync between devices and we take care of installing updates safely behind the scenes for you.

Finally you can forget about your software hassles and concentrate on brewing the best beer around.

With our native app for Apple iOS & Android devices supporting built-in barcode scanning, you don't even need to buy a barcode scanner. Search your app store for "Breww"!

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