Cloud based (SaaS)

Always online and available from anywhere. You can even keep an eye on your business while on holiday (but don't tell your partner).

Instant online demo

Want to play around in Breww with some test data? No problem, you could be in a demo account in a few minutes from now. No payment details required. Try now.

30 day free trial

We know changing platforms can be daunting so everyone gets a fully functional 30 day free trial before there's any obligation to pay us anything. We want Breww to be right for you.

Monthly rolling contract

Simple & fair billing with no surprises. After your free trial you pay monthly in advance and can cancel at any time (and take your data with you, it's your data after all). You're not locked in and will never be stuck with Breww. Pricing is based on your beer production with no charges for users - so have as many as you like. See Pricing.

Disaster recovery built in

Backups are never fun, but they're super important! With Breww, you don't need to worry about them ever again. We replicate your data instantly across multiple servers and take regular backups in case something does ever go wrong. We're much more resilient to disasters than most on-premise software can even dream of.

Regular updates & new features

Our subscription model means that we can continue to fund development and ensure Breww is improved every single day. You also always have access to the latest & greatest version. Choose Breww and you'll see new features & benefits being rolled out almost every week. Can your current provider do that?

Cask tracking with map view

Getting your casks back efficiently can be problematic… well… it was until Breww came along. Generate individual barcoded labels (compatible with most scanners) for your returnable casks, track the the beer in them, who you shipped it to and where the cask is right now. View this information as a table or on a map.


Pre-brew stock check

Trying to work out a production plan and want to make sure you have what you need? Work out required stock instantly with Breww's pre-brew stock check function. It will show you exactly how much you'll need of everything you'll need. Sorted.


Production costings

You love making beer, not calculating costs. With Breww you can get the cost of your batch instantly, and break down the cost of each batch per Firkin, Kilderkin, or any other container you package in. Breww can do the same for your recipes too, so you can keep a firm grip over the costs of your next beer!


Batch scheduling

All your batches can be viewed in Breww's calendar view, so you can tell in an instant when your next fermenter is free.


Visually see your beer production process

Breww can breakdown all of your batches into a visual flow-chart, making it easy to quickly identify what happened to every valuable drop of beer.


UK Beer Duty returns

Breww provides instant calculation of you Beer Duty returns, as well as a line by line breakdown of every entry that went into that return.


Customer map view

Wondering which local areas you need to target? Check out your customer distribution in Map View.


Ingredient recalls, sorted

Easily track ingredients through every step of your production and distribution. A must-have for SIBA FSQ compliance - a prerequisite for BeerFlex.


Know your customers

See in-depth customer details screens, with a summary balance, information and related invoices all on one page.


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Accountancy software integrations



Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud (previously Sage One)

Breww is tightly integrated with the major online accounting platforms. At no extra cost to you, we'll automatically sync your customers, invoices, credit notes & payments. Don't see your accountancy software above, get in touch and we'll discuss supporting it to help you move to Breww. We're working on supporting desktop-based accounting software packages at the moment.

Breww on the move…

Breww is as happy running in your phone's web browser as it is running on your desktop or tablet. Because the entire application runs through your web browser, we support all modern phones & tablets, Windows, macOS, Linux and more!

Breww is always up to date, there's nothing to sync between devices and we take care of installing updates safely behind the scenes for you.

Finally you can forget about your software hassles and concentrate on brewing the best beer around.

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Here's a bit more of what Breww has in store for you

Inventory management

Supplier management

Inventory receipt entry system with costings, batch tracing (where applicable) and the ability to add as a draft until you're happy it's correct

View all stock items with quantities, unit of measures and filtering by type (ingredients, packaged beer, etc)

Manage ingredient recalls - find all containers and beer batches produced using a given ingredient batch code

Beer production

Ingredient stock tracking with batch traceability

Recipe management

Pre-brew stock check (make sure you have enough of everything needed before starting a breww)

Production batch (gyle) tracking with temperature & gravity logging

Beer production flowchart - see exactly where your beer went during production, which ingredients were used when and how much beer was lost in each transfer

Batch/gyle label printing (compatible with A4 label sheets or thermal transfer label printers)

Batch costing calculations done for you

Planned brews with batch scheduling calendar showing the status of all vessels

Hop contract management

Packager management for tracking when you give your beer to a 3rd party to package for you

Brewing systems and vessel logging with overviews of which are empty (or which beer is in it currently)

Sales & CRM (customer relationship management)

Customer account management

Sales invoice management with filtering for drafts, unpaid, overdue, etc

Invoice to delivery, to beer batch traceability

Credit note management

Telesales feature for tracking callbacks required, etc

Ullage & returns management

Price books allowing for custom pricing per customer or customer group

PDF invoice and credit notes

Invoice/credit note customisation with logo, bank payment details, etc

Email invoices/credit notes to customers

Individually customisable payment terms for customers

Simple but detailed overview per customer showing their previous purchases, batches received and any outstanding balance

Container & delivery tracking and management

Container type management allowing you to use the industry standards or your own bespoke containers

Manage both returnable and non-returnable containers with barcoded labels

View which containers are in trade and track their location in customer list view or map view

Guest beer tracking

Driver manifests

Route planning to keep your delivery drivers as efficient as possible

Proof of delivery signatures

Maxoptra integration for automated route planning (requires your own Maxoptra subscription)

Beer duty

Full UK beer duty return reporting with detailed breakdowns of the calculations involved

Beer duty calculations consider packagers (duty suspense or not)

Beer duty calculations consider sales invoices, deliveries and returns (ullage)

Advanced lost & spoiled record management


Sales overview dashboard with revenues and top beer sales

Detailed reporting per beer with revenue and litres sold, with filters by dates and customers

Detailed sales reports

Report exporting to CSV

Accountancy software integrations

Automated syncing of customers, invoices, credit notes, payments and more with major accounting platforms

Xero integration (online)

Intuit QuickBooks integration (online)

Sage One integration (online)

Desktop based accounting software integrations coming soon


User management - add other people, confirm which features they have access to and audit actions performed by them

Email management - manage the from address and body for invoice/credit note emails

Ability to send your own accountants a copy of all invoices/credit notes

Manage your Breww subscription securely online with automatic payments via credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)

Everything you see above is included in the one fixed price based on your beer production - none of these features cost you more

But that's not all… There's so much more to Breww than we can show here.
Hop on a demo today to see what else Breww has to offer.

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