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Wild Card Brewery case study

We spoke to the team at Wild Card, an award winning London-based brewery, about their experiences using Breww and how Breww helped them double their production in one year without massively increasing their admin workload.
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Penton Park

We are so grateful to have found Breww to manage our brewery, having started in 2019 we knew we needed a CRM system to help us grow and wanted the right platform from the beginning of our journey. Initially we looked at several older more established platforms and were totally underwhelmed, confused and completely disappointed in what the market had to offer - it was akin to operating an MS Dos platform and even the sales chap got confused with trying to train us! Thankfully after looking on SIBA, Breww appeared, and wow what a platform. It's like doing to the Brewery software system, what apple did to the mobile phone. Max has created a seamless, efficient and beautiful platform providing everything that the modern brewer could need. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Breww to anyone who will listen.

Guy & Danielle, Penton Park
Pomona Island

When we started up, we tried to do everything for free (or near as) which was always a struggle, but became impossible as we grew. We trialled another bit of software that was functional but antiquated. It added time to our day and would have involved significant training to any new members of staff. Breww is intuitive though. It's simple to use, everything's in there and if there's some more functionality that you need, the support team are really helpful. In brewing no matter how much time or space you have, you'll fill it. There's just no way we could go back to our old methods now, we've filled the time with other things.