Easily manage your fleet of vehicles & deliveries

If you have your own vehicles, be that a single van or a whole fleet, Breww has you covered. For the deliveries scheduled on any given day, you can assign them to your vehicles with an intuitive colour-coded design. You can even schedule multiple runs for a single vehicle on a the same day. Information about weights, vehicle limits and customer drop windows is all displayed right where you need it. Alternatively, if you don't want to manage your deliveries manually, you can use's Breww built-in AI route optimisation tool to assign your deliveries to the best vehicle and plan the order in which to do them to ensure the shortest time to completion. This saves your drivers time and increases your profitability. And it's included for no extra charge in your Breww subscription.

Courier deliveries management with label creation & tracking

If you use couriers for your deliveries instead, you can integrate Breww with couriers you use. We'll help you assign your orders to them and generate shipping labels from directly within Breww. You can even track the delivery progress without leaving Breww. Generating accurate shipping labels has never been easier and errors entering addresses can be a thing of the past!

Courier integrations addon - more info

Track your customer collections

Do you allow customer collections? Breww has your back here too! We'll keep these separate from your normal deliveries and make it a breeze to mark them as collected when the customer arrives. You can even capture a signature from them (more on this below).

Schedule uplifts of tracked casks & kegs

If you have your own tracked casks & kegs, we'll help you organise uplifts of them when they're either empty or there's something wrong with the beer. These get added into delivery runs and let the drivers confirm which containers were collected, how full they are (if required) and enter comments.

Save time (& money) with our AI route optimisation

Our AI route optimisation software will assign your deliveries to the optimal vehicle and determine in which order to make the drops - all focused on saving you time. The standard version of this feature is included in the base Breww product for no extra charge. This uses simple line-of-sight distances between locations as opposed to road driving times. Our advanced version, which is charged as an addon, has full road layout data so generates real driving durations, then combines this with historical traffic data (provided by TomTom) for even more efficient routes. In addition, it enforces that vehicle weight limits are never exceeded & creates routes to ensure customer drop windows are met. There's heaps more to our Advanced Deliveries Addon as well, including DVLA data for automatic Vehicle Tax and MOT reminders, route distances and times show between drops, ETA estimates, and much more.

A free 30-day trial of the Advanced Deliveries addon is available so you can see the benefits for yourself before it costs you anything!

Advanced Deliveries addon - more info

Delivery app for Apple iOS & Android

Our native app for mobile phones and tablets makes managing Breww on the move a pleasure. You can use all of Breww on a mobile device (as its runs in a web browser such as Safari or Chrome), but we recognise that sometimes things on a small screen can be more difficult to use. We've a couple of special features for our native app which make Breww even easier to use and take full advantage of the extras your mobile device can offer.

Our delivery management section hides all the extra bits in the main Breww web app and shows you just what you need to assign casks/kegs on the move and make deliveries easily. Our built-in barcode scanner (which uses your phone's camera) means container tracking is easy and you don't need to take a barcode scanner with you. We give you simple buttons to make phone calls to your customers, launch your favourite sat-nav app with the address pre-filled and even take POD photos with a snap!

Generate pick lists

When loading your vehicles, we generate simple pick lists grouped by the item types to make getting your vehicles ready and as quick and easy as possible.

Print delivery labels, delivery notes & invoices in bulk

Before setting out on your delivery run, you can bulk print delivery labels, delivery notes and invoices. All the paperwork you need in one place and printed in the right order so the next delivery is always on top!

Automatic handling of UK beer duty

We've a whole page dedicated to our beer duty calculations if you're looking for the detail, but rest assured Breww has duty covered at every step of the process. You let Breww know when the vehicle leaves the brewery and we'll add all the items to the duty return. If a delivery fails (such as if the customer rejects an item), we'll handle returning the item to stock and making sure you don't have to pay the duty twice.

Take signatures on the road with our mobile app

Signatures can be captured while on the road using either our web or native mobile app.

Safely store proof of delivery (POD) photos

Proof of delivery photos can be uploaded via our web app or snapped using your mobile camera on our app and saved against the delivery to help with any potential disputes. This feature requires our Advanced Deliveries Addon.

Manage customer drop windows

Assign drop windows for customers, which can vary by day of the week for use when managing your delivery runs, either manually or via our AI route optimisation tool.

Fierce Beer - Journey to Breww

From small homebrew beginnings in Dyce, Fierce Beer has always put beer as priority number one. Focusing on flavour has led to Fierce being the most awarded brewery in the history of the Scottish Beer Awards and even being named…

Fierce Beer
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