Sell online to your trade customers

The Breww Trade Store is a private website for your trade customers to order from you online. It's invite only (so your products & prices are hidden from the public) and private to you. Your customers can never see other breweries' products advertised along-side yours, so you won't lose customers to competitors as can happen with other marketplace-style platforms. You invited the customer - you deserve the sale! Once they've placed their order, it appears instantly in Breww for you to confirm and process.

Sell online to your trade customers

Customise your online store to match your branding

In a matter of minutes you can upload your logo, choose your brand colours, fonts and more. Breww's simple interface means you don't need to be a web developer to get your Breww Trade Store looking just how you want. Your trade store is hosted by us so there's no monthly fees or servers for you to maintain, it's available 24/7 and just works!

Build new business with a "request access" page

We give you a simple page that you can link to from your own website so that both new and existing customers can find your store easily. If they already have access, they can login to place orders, but if not they can fill in a simple form to capture all the details you need to approve (or decline) access. Your customers don't need to remember yet another password as we support one-click logins via Google & Facebook (with Untappd coming soon). If they prefer to make an account with a password rather than the one-click logins, they can do so too.

Manage your access requests

You can see at a glance your pending access requests from customers who've requested access. Your customers can only browse your products and order once you have approved their access. You can link these access requests to an existing customer within your Breww account or create a new customer with one click from the details they entered online. If you don't want to grant them access for any reason, you can simply decline their request.

Invite your existing customers

For your existing customers, you can invite them from within Breww. We'll send them an invite email with a link, which when used to create an account will automatically grant them instant access and be linked up in Breww to the customer account. This helps your on-board your existing customers really easily without them having to re-enter their address and other details that you already have stored in Breww.

Once a customer has access, they can browse your products (and yours only)

Breww organises your products intuitively for you and lets you provide images & descriptions to help your customers make an informed choice. The Breww Trade Store is private to your brewery only, it's not a "marketplace" so none of your competitor's products will be shown along-side your (unless you choose to list them as guest beers that you supply).

If your customer has special pricing set up in Breww via one of our price book options, they'll be shown their own prices too, instead of your "standard" prices.

Customise your stock display options & back-order rules

You've plenty of options to customise how your trade store works. You can choose how to show your stock levels (if at all), if you'd like to accept back-orders (order for more than is in stock), the status that orders should come into Breww in, and much much more. Everything is set to a sensible default, so if customising options isn't your cup of tea, you can simply leave everything as-is.

See what's in your customer's baskets in real-time

At any time you can see the contents of your customer's baskets. This is really useful if they start an order online and then call you to discuss it. You could even proactively get in touch with customers who have started putting orders together and then "abandoned basket", to help get them across the line.

Your customers can view their basket & checkout in 2 clicks

As every trade store customer is linked back to their customer account in Breww, the checkout process for the customer is so simple and short that it can be completed in just two clicks. Nobody enjoys filling in lengthy forms and jumping through unnecessary hoops to place an order, so Breww helps ensure this is never the case.

Your customers can view their order history & download PDF invoices

Reduce the time you spend on customer-service activity by allowing you customers to view their order history online at any time and even download a PDF copy of their invoice, once the order has been accepted by you and invoiced. They can see the payment status and even the expected delivery date if you've entered a date for the order in Breww.

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