Till/POS terminal integration

Till/POS terminal integration

The lifeblood of a brewery is often the taproom & shop, which is why we have built a range of tools to help you manage your taproom and shop efficiently in Breww. We have a number of Point of Sale (POS) integrations (with regular additions to our line-up) that allow you to take orders, calculate duty and instantly remove stock from your shop or bar. Because your taproom stock can be shared with other sales sources, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't oversell anything. POS orders can be instantly marked as paid and fulfilled to ensure your financial data is always in sync with reality.

Bar stock management

Even if you don't use our POS integrations, managing your taproom or shop in Breww is still simple and effective. If you wish, stock can be easily moved out of Breww, with duty paid, every time you re-stock your taproom. You can also reclaim stock, if needed, with automatic duty reclaims being calculated on your behalf.

Bar stock management
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