Set up the container types that you use

Breww lets you manage your container types yourself, so no matter if you're a cask brewery, you use kegs or only bottles… Breww has you covered. You can configure how you'd like them to work with separate gross capacities and taxable capacities for accurate duty handling. Breww knows the difference between casks, kegs and smallpack (bottles/cans) and tailors the interface to best suit the type of containers you use.

Cask & keg tracking

Breww has full cask and keg tracking built-in, so you don't need to pay for a separate platform to manage this if you have your own containers. You can see at a glance where your containers are, how long customers have had them and arrange to collect them in a timely manor. The faster they come back to you, the sooner you can refill them and get paid for more beer - so tracking these closely can have a big impact on margins.

Non-returnable containers

If you use containers which you don't need to track and collect, Breww has you covered too. Breww knows the difference between these and those you own and lets you handle them differently. Breww tracks them throughout the time they're with you, and can even account for their cost in your reports, and ends their life cycle when you deliver them to a customer.

Container tracking & scanning barcodes with our mobile app

Using our free our native app for Apple iOS and Android devices, can you scan your casks and kegs at every stage of Breww to ensure mistakes are kept to a minimum. The app uses the camera on your device to accurately scan barcodes, ensuring you don't need to buy expensive dedicated devices. The app is lightning fast to use and you get instant feedback as to whether the container was accepted or was rejected (for example trying to rack into a container which is already full).

Tracking your containers in trade

With heaps of reports to let you see the containers you need, and even the ability to plot on a map those that you own and are in-trade with customers, Breww makes sure you have all the information you need available to hand at all times.

Burning Sky Brewery and Breww

Since producing the first beer in August 2013, Burning Sky was instantly recognised in the industry being named as 4th Best New Brewery by Ratebeer and Mark awarded Brewer Of The Year by The Guild of British Beer Writers in…

Burning Sky Brewery
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