Vessel visualisation

At a glance, see all your brewing systems and vessels. Colour-coded beers show the contents and how full each vessel is. Simple icons let you see which vessels are blocked pending cleaning and which are carbonating, chilling and more.

Batch planning and scheduling

Plan your batches in advance and use our interactive schedule calendar to see which vessels will be in use when, and hover over any entry to see details of the batch. Scroll backwards to see the past or forwards to see further into the future. Each batch is generated a new colour so you can see when the same batch moves between vessels by following the colours.

Cleaning & maintenance records

Define your cleaning & maintenance processes and then schedule them based on time intervals (e.g. every Friday) or based on equipment usage (e.g. every other time the brewhouse is used). Breww will track the time/usage and let you know when the next clean is due (and can optionally prevent you from using the equipment until it has been done). You can record the chemicals used, tracking your stock and record any required measurements/readings that were taken. Breww will keep these records neatly organised for you, by piece of equipment, forever. SALSA and other accreditations, have never been so easy!

Manage your beers

Breww keeps everything related to your beers in one place, so everything you could possibly need to know is at your fingertips. How you package & sell them, stock levels, your recipes, 'best before' dates, in-progress, scheduled & historical batches, and more. Files can be uploaded to be safely stored against the beer for future reference. Breww fully understands how beers, containers (casks, kegs, bottles, etc) work and gives you detailed stock information. Breww knows if a product is a mixed-pack of 6 bottles of different beers, or a 12 pack of the same beer. Breww lets you know how much you have in stock, but can also advise you that you're out of stock of 6 packs (for example), but that you can break down a 24 pack into four 6 packs to fulfill an order. There's even an optional setting to have Breww do this automatically for you as needed.

Recipe management & brew sheets

Breww's advanced recipe management allows you to link recipes to beers, maintain multiple recipes per beer (the cask version may be slightly different to the bottle version) and track recipe versions and changes over time so you can never lose track of what it used to be like. Your recipe is more than just a bill of ingredients, it's everything you'd have on your brew sheet. The stages, ingredients, checks, readings, and more can all be entered so Breww can generate you a PDF brew sheet to print out, or you can view it online on a computer or tablet and fill in readings and confirm ingredients used as you progress the brew day.

There's heaps of advanced functionality such as reporting tags and calculated fields. Calculated fields allows you to enter custom formulas that will appear on your live brew sheet as the readings are entered, providing instant results without needing to get your calculator out.

Beer batch tracking

Leveraging all that Breww knows about your beers, recipes, ingredient stock and brew sheets, we are well placed to let you track your beer batch production like no-one else. Keep track of planned, in-progress and scheduled batches, with the data securely stored forever. Track ingredients used (with batch numbers, expiry dates), fermentation analysis, quality control readings, planned packagings, and all 'actions' you perform such as transfers between vessels.

Advanced functionality such as, ingredient scaling if you create a different sized batch than your recipe was set up for, full support for batch merging and splitting, means that whatever you do with your with you beer, you can record it for safe keeping and later analysis in Breww. We even understand the difference between hops used during the boil and those used in dry-hopping (and your stock levels always reflect the reality). Our flowchart to let you visualise which vessels your beer has moved between and any wastage in the process.

Compare a batch of beer with other recent batches

Breww can help you compare how a batch of beer is going verses other recent batches, in just a click. You can generate a graph showing a comparison of any given batch's gravity, temperature and pH readings, with those of other batches of the same recipe.

You can see at a glance if this batch is on track or if you need to intervene. Being alerted to this early on, could be the difference between losing a batch and being able to recover it.

Racking (packaging) your beer on-site

Breww makes racking your beer a breeze with our wizard-style flow which guides you through the right options for the type of container your racking into. With full support for smallpack (bottles and cans), plus both tracked and non-returnable casks/kegs, however you rack your beer, Breww has you covered.

We support the use of USB/Bluetooth barcode scanners or you can install our mobile app and use this to scan the cask/kegs you use. Tracking which containers you have filled has never been this easy.

Off-site packaging

The above is all very well, but sometimes you might not package your beer yourself! Breww has full support for using 3rd party packagers to package your beer into smallpack. You simply create your batch as normal, and then let Breww know that you've sent it for off-site packaging. You can track which beers which have been sent off and then later confirm them as received back into stock as the finished product.

Racking & scanning barcodes with our mobile app

Available for Apple iOS and Android, our free app allows you to scan your containers with our built-in barcode scanner to simplify the racking process. Using just the device's camera, our lightning fast native app can scan barcodes quickly & accurately, without the need for you to buy expensive 3rd party devices.

You can use the existing barcodes on your containers to save re-labelling them all, or Breww can generate barcode labels to print and stick onto your containers if you don't have them already barcoded.

Delayed release of stock (conditioning, maturing, etc)

In some situations, you need to package beers from your vessels but not allow the immediate sale of the stock, for example, with bottle/cask conditioning. Breww has you covered here, so you don't need to confuse your sales team by asking them not to sell stock that's showing as in-stock. You can delay the release of stock until it's either manually released or automatically released on a date of your choice. If need be, the stock can be rejected instead of being released.

It's also possible to retrospectively move stock already available for sale, out of stock and into the delayed release process. This is ideal, if you have started selling stock and later need to put this on hold to investigate a potential quality issue, for example.

Contract brewing & collaborations

Breww supports working with contract brewers who brew beer on your behalf, and helps you brew beer for others. You can set up your partners, configure how the beer duty should be handled and get going with contract brewing in no time. When your beer is ready you can confirm it has been received into stock and Breww will handle the rest.

If you're brewing a batch for another party, you can securely share a dashboard with them, which allows them to see real-time batch updates and saves you emailing them this information manually. They don't need to be a Breww user to see this, but if they are, this data can be automatically displayed in Breww along-side their own records.

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Ingredients, chemicals & other inventory management

Breww tracks all of your inventory for you, including what you buy, who your suppliers are and deliveries received. Whenever an action in Breww needs to "use" some inventory, Breww will track this and let you report on the costings. This includes ingredients used in brewing beer, packing used when racking beer (e.g. bottles & caps), packaging used when assembling products (e.g. boxes for your gift selection), chemicals used when cleaning equipment, and more.

You can also track other items you buy and simply sell on, such as T-shirts and pump clips.

All items can be tracked with full batch number and expiry traceability (ideal for ingredients) or, this can be switched off on items like merchandise to streamline the flow and save you time.

Supplier management & purchase orders

Our supplier management, purchase order and inventory receipt tools allow you to track, what you've received, who it was from, the batch numbers, and more in a really simple to use way. The simplicity ensures that nobody ever cuts corners and stock levels stay accurate and trust-worthy. Purchase orders are used to record what you ordered and can be emailed to suppliers. Inventory receipts can be used to record what was actually delivered and increase your stock levels in Breww. Purchase orders serve as a starting point for your inventory receipts, so you don't have to type everything in twice and make it easy to see at a glance where you've been over or under delivered, or even if you received something you didn't order at all.

Ingredient recalls

Heaven forbid, your supplier calls you and says they had a bad batch of an ingredient. Whilst this is never the news you want to hear, at least with Breww, you can simply use our ingredient recall tool to find every single batch of beer that's ever had the ingredient in it. We'll even show you which containers are still in the brewery, plus those which have already been delivered to customers, along with the customer's contact details to make this day considerably less hassle than it would have been, without Breww!

Pre-brew stock check

Your recipies have lots of ingredients, so checking you have the stock available before starting a new batch isn't a simple process to do manually. Not to mention checking that this won't mean other batches in-progress or planned for next week will come up short! Fear not - our pre-brew stock check tool checks all of this for you in a click of a button.

Hop contracts

Keeping track of your hop contracts yourself is not only boring, but mistakes are all too easy to make, and realising you don't have the hops available to purchase that you thought you had, can be a costly mistake! Simply let Breww know whenever you agree a new hop contract and we'll track what you've bought from it automatically whenever you use our inventory receipts to confirm a hop delivery.

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