Moving to Breww is easier than you think

  1. 1
    Choose between DIY or fully-managed migration

    You can migrate your data yourself, or take advantage of our fully-managed migration service.

  2. 2
    Export your existing data

    Export your data from your existing software provider, or prepare your spreadsheets if you are currently working from spreadsheets.

  3. 3
    Import your data into Breww

    Upload your data to Breww and we'll get your account ready for you to pick up where you left off on your previous system in minutes.

Upgrading from another platform?

We've helped hundreds of breweries move from BrewMan, ekos, SPAsoft, ViewPlan and other platforms to Breww. We've made the process swift and easy. In many cases it can be done in under 15 minutes using our managed migration service, and just a few hours if you do it yourself.

Move to Breww from Beer30 Move to Breww from BrewMan Move to Breww from ekos Move to Breww from Unleashed Move to Breww from ViewPlan

If you're looking to migrate from another platform, please get in touch and we'll guide you through the simple process.

DIY migration

We have a host of intelligent data import tools that accept data in many formats, and don't get upset if you have extra columns or columns in the "wrong place".

Our bulk data import tools can be found in SettingsData imports and updates when logged into Breww.

Fully-managed migration service

If you prefer to leave your data migration to us, we can offer a fully-managed data migration service for a one-off fee. We'll migrate your customers, stock, products, in-progress batches, tracked containers and more (but not historical sales) into Breww for you.

We just need access to your data/previous platform and we'll complete this on an agreed "change over day" to allow you to make a clean break from your previous platform to Breww.

The cost for this service starts at $359.99 and can be quoted for on a case-by-case basis depending on a number of factors including the source data format and which types of data need to be migrated. Please contact us for details if you're looking for our managed migration service.

What data can be migrated?

This depends somewhat on which platform you're coming from, but typically the following items can be migrated to Breww easily.

Customers, suppliers & contacts

Who you have previously sold to or purchased stock items from.

Stock items

This is what you buy in, such as ingredients, packaging and glassware.


This is what you sell, such as packaged beer, pump clips and glassware.

Tracked containers

Your own containers with their existing barcodes and which customer they're currently with (if any).

Existing stock levels

Including stock of raw materials and beers that you've already packaged.

In-progress batches of beer

If you have beers in tank right now, we can import these, so you can continue with production tracking immediately.