Fierce Beer

From small homebrew beginnings in Dyce, Fierce Beer has always put beer as priority number one. Focusing on flavour has led to Fierce being the most awarded brewery in the history of the Scottish Beer Awards and even being named as 2021 Scottish Brewery of the Year! Now producing a very impressive 800,000 litres, exporting to fifteen countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Why did you start using Breww?

When I joined Fierce as Operations Manager, our main platform for managing the whole brewery was Excel. Our growth into a new facility and increase in headcount brought to light the need for software to better manage our operation. Ambitious growth plans meant that we needed a system capable of working with our entire business, bespoke to our industry, organised and scalable. We took time to consider all of the options available in the market, looking at not only costs but relevant features and, ultimately, true value for money. Breww’s vast number of direct integrations, their pricing structure based on your actual production volume and with no additional user costs all added to the huge appeal. The backup, training and support throughout the demo process, and since signing, is second to none. The ease of use and the customisable reporting make Breww the professional choice for breweries of all sizes.

The decision to choose Breww was an easy one, a professional, intuitive, logical platform capable of being scalable to accommodate our business now and to cope with our growth plans.

Which areas of the business has Breww helped you improve?

All areas of our business have seen improvements since working with Breww, the main benefit being in inventory and production. Maintaining up-to-date inventory with correctly recorded stock levels is really only possible with a proper management system in place. Breww is rich in features and reporting here and in so many more areas of the business too. Breww automatically allocates the oldest items to each batch to ensure your stock is always at its freshest, as well as true traceability with batch tracking of the ingredients. From goods in, through production to the individual delivery and back to the supplier too. If needed, batch recall is so simple. 

Traceable communication is vital within the teams, however big or small, with the set-up of clear actions and measurable steps. Within Breww, the data can be shared with all of the teams and individuals, but with different levels of access depending on their area in the business or the relevance of the information. Their access rights can be tailored to suit. Our 18-person brewery team all have access to Breww on their tablets and phones, either online or via the Breww app, which allows for relevant information to be accessed and updated easily throughout the entire process.

Which feature of Breww could you not live without?

We run a just-in-time process with lean stocks. Previously, on occasion, a not-in-time process too!

We have the ability with Breww to run pre-brew stock checks, ensuring we have all of the ingredients available for planned batches. Included in this check are the packaging items, which has been so useful, arguably more important than the ingredients. For ingredients, we generally have more than one supplier (unlike packaging), and ingredients are more readily available, whereas the supply of packaging usually has much longer lead times and high MOQ’s. Loss of stock and wastage of ingredients add up to be huge costs, these also can lead to the loss of sales due to incorrect stock amounts to actually produce the batch. All factors that we definitely experienced when running our business prior to Breww.

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries?

Yes, 100%. Breww is scalable and capable of supporting breweries of all production volumes. The ease of use and intuitive system means that in our brewery, all team members can understand and use the system to aid their job.

Training and support were second to none from the Breww team.


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