Full Circle Brew Co
We are a 3-year-old brewery based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Starting in COVID life hasn't been the easiest, but we've seen excellent growth over the three years and now stand in the top echelon of breweries in the UK with beers country-wide, operating with the top wholesalers and selling our beer to 10 European countries since our inception. 

Why did you start using Breww?

We needed a better platform that allowed us to perform all our brewing functions in one suite. We used Brewman before but the capabilities were nowhere near as in-depth as that of Breww.

Which feature of Breww could you not live without?

We use all features in Breww and love the usability of the entire platform. Breww are quick to roadmap key features and very fast to fix any issues we have on a day-to-day basis. My favourite feature is the Production suite that has all the functionality required to help us get SALSA accreditation which we are working towards at the moment. 

How has your business grown since using Breww?

Breww hasn't grown our platform, but it has allowed us to reduce our time spent on the sales suite and, most importantly, has been much more accurate when it comes to stock levels due to a number of features that weren't available on the previous platform we used. The support is always great, and the team is very knowledgeable and can fix any issues in a matter of hours.

As a relatively small brewery with a small team, having a system that allows us to work smarter and not harder has been invaluable. 

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries?

I do, constantly! Since moving, we have been able to spend more time growing our sales and working harder to become more efficient in the brewery. I couldn't recommend Breww more highly.

I personally feel it's the only platform suitable for all breweries wanting to grow efficiently.


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