So, what does Breww cost?

Key benefits of our pricing

We don't charge per user

Breww is priced based on your beer output, so there's a good option for breweries of all shapes and sizes. You can have as many user accounts on the platform as you need, for no extra charge.

30 day free trial

We know that changing the software sitting behind your precious brewery is daunting so we offer a 30 day free trial (with no strings attached) on all plans.

No setup fee

At Breww we don't charge any form of setup fee. If you want us to do a site visit to help you get going or provide on-site training we can quote for this on a case-by-case basis. Just get in touch.

Cancel any time

It's as easy to cancel as it is to sign up with our simple & fair rolling monthly contract. Your data is yours, so you can export it at any time, if you no longer feel that Breww is right for you.
(We're confident you'll never want to, but it's nice to know you can!)

How much beer do you produce each year (in hectolitres)?

Breweries producing up to per year

is approximately:


UK barrels (bbl)

UK Pints


US Gallons

US barrels (bbl)

US Pints

30L kegs

per month

Join now

Breweries producing over 100,000 hL per year

Breww is proud to work with breweries of all shapes and sizes. We have larger customers, who demand enterprise solutions, as well as smaller breweries where we can support their growth, and continue to be the right platform as they scale. Please contact us for pricing if you produce over 100,000 hL each year.

Looking for an enterprise solution with bespoke pricing?

Breww can offer an enterprise solution for larger breweries who require even more from their business management software. Options include uptime service level agreements, a dedicated account manager with unlimited support, on-premise hosting and more. Get in touch with us today, so we can build the enterprise package that has everything you need and nothing that you don't.

Migrating data to Breww

Migrating to Breww is much easier than you'd think. You can import your existing data yourself, or let us do it for you with our fully-managed migration service.
Find out more about moving to Breww

Optional addons available

Addon - Breww trade store

The Breww trade store is a private, invite-only trade platform allowing customers to place orders directly with you. It’s tightly coupled with the rest of Breww, so takes full advantage of customer management, credit limits, customer-specific pricing, and everything else that Breww has to offer. The Trade Store is charged simply at 1% of orders placed via the platform (with no monthly or additional fees). Learn more about Breww's private trade store here.

Addon - Advanced sales visit routing

Breww has an incredible suite of features for planning in-person sales visits with your leads and customers. This is included in the core Breww product, but you can take this to the next level with our Advanced sales visit routing addon. This allows you to tell Breww who you plan to visit, and either a fixed time of day for the meeting or a time window (such as 2pm to 5pm), and Breww will use its advanced routing platform to plan your route and schedule the exact start time for each meeting. You'll be able to see the driving times, distances and more for each visit. You'll even be warned if you have a long wait between meetings and might benefit from visiting another nearby customer during the wait time. Our Advanced sales visit routing package is charged monthly at $19.99 per user account that has it enabled (you only need to enable it for the applicable user accounts).

Addon - Advanced deliveries

Breww’s standard delivery management features are already highly advanced, allowing you to optimise your delivery routes in a matter of clicks. Our Advanced deliveries addon allows you to make your route planning even more powerful; take into account historic traffic data, real roads (instead of line-of-site routing), customer drop windows, live ETAs, photo PODs and more. Find out more about Advanced deliveries. Our Advanced deliveries package is charged monthly at $39.99 per vehicle.

Addon - Courier integrations

Breww is integrated with 37 couriers (parcel & pallet shipping companies); from all around the world. The integration allows you to generate and print your shipping/delivery labels within Breww, automatically links the tracking numbers to the order and embeds the tracking history into Breww. Generating courier labels has never been easier as you never need to leave Breww.
Pricing for this addon is simple, fair and transparent. It is based on the number of "consignments" generated per month (typically one per order). The pricing is banded according to the below structure and charged monthly. You can connect to as many couriers as you need for no extra charge.

Consignments Price
Up to 20 $6.99
Up to 1,000 $44.99
Up to 2,500 $104.99
Up to 6,000 $219.99
Up to 15,000 $429.99
Additional over 15,000 $0.08 per consignment

Frequently asked questions

For the purpose of Breww's price plans, the following all contribute to the production volume:
  • Beer you produce in-house for yourself
  • Beer you produce in-house for others (e.g. contract brews)
  • Beer contract brewed by others on your behalf
  • Beer that you package for others (e.g. bottling services)
It should also be noted, that whilst Breww is primarily aimed at breweries (at the moment), other drinks fall into the same structure, such as cider, mead, hard seltzer and wine.
You will need a printer and some labels to use Breww properly. We have a help page which shows what you need to get started. For barcode scanning, you can use our free app for Apple iOS and Android devices (which uses the camera to scan barcodes), or alternatively purchase a traditional barcode scanner if you prefer. We highly recommend the thermal label approach but you can get away with the paper label sheets and a normal paper printer if you're on a tight budget. We don't supply the hardware ourselves so you're free to find the best deal you can online (but our help page has links to suppliers that we've personally had good experiences with if you want to go for the easy route). For the thermal label approach, you're looking at approx £300 for everything you need.
If you go over the limit, you'll automatically be moved up onto the next plan. We only do this when you've exceed the limit, we never do it on the assumption that you will. For example if you can produce 5,000 hL on your plan and you've produced 4,500 hL by the end of March we won't change your plan at this stage, even though it is likely that will exceed your plan's limit.

When you initially join Breww, your price plan will be based upon your current year's annual production estimate. Each January, a new estimate for the coming year will be required. If this is for more than your price plan allows, you will be automatically moved up to the next plan at this point.
Some plans include an amount of free training during your first month. Breww is really intuitive and simple to use so it's rare for breweries to need extra training, but if you need more or are on a plan without training we are always happy to help (this may be charged extra). Training needs to be organised in advance with us at a mutually convenient time. If you need any training, get in touch. Our help centre is worth checking too and is regularly updated.
Support is different to training. Support is included in all but our lowest priced plans and covers things like any issues with Breww, whether they're things that don't seem to be working correctly, or feature requests. Simple requests like "How do I do X?" are covered by our standard support and don't require training to be purchased. Most questions can also be answered by self-service our help centre, so you might never need to contact us.
You can pay for your Breww subsciption by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & other major card networks). Customers in the United Kingdom can also pay by Bacs Direct Debit. Customers paying in Euros can also pay by SEPA Direct Debit. You can update your payment method at any time from within your account.
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. VAT at the prevailing rate in the UK (currently 20%) will be added to the total price to pay, if you're based in the UK. If you're VAT registered, you can of course claim this back. If you're based outside of the UK, VAT will not be added to your bill.

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