Beak Brewery

Beak Brewery is a small independent brewery and taproom in the historic brewing town of Lewes. We love making everything from hop-forward IPAs and best bitters to saisons and imperial stouts. We also have a mixed fermentation project centred around a 5,000-litre oak foudre, which we use to create beers that showcase ingredients from the surrounding South Downs National Park, including native hops, wild yeast strains and grain grown just down the road.

Why did you start using Breww?

We were previously using Brewman, but as our business began to expand, it highlighted the shortfalls within their system. We needed to improve our efficiency and allow all of the data, information and orders to flow through our complete business, to all of our teams and from our other sales platforms. Breww is clearly user-friendly and streets ahead of the other options on the market. Our daily tasks are made so simple with Breww, and it was soon apparent just how much time we had lost to now unnecessary admin using the previous setup. One of the main reasons for us not changing sooner was the fear of changing to a new platform, learning the processes and migrating the data. Breww supported us so well throughout the whole migration process. It was far from daunting - in fact, the whole process was very simple, and Breww has proved hugely beneficial to our business.

Which features in Breww could you not live without?

Advanced deliveries - this small add-on has saved hours of time. Our most efficient delivery routes are solved in seconds at the click of a button in Breww. We can easily allocate the order to our own vehicle or courier network, streamlining our whole delivery operation saving me alone 2-3 hours each week where I can focus on growing the sales and making our business more profitable.

Breww has such a detailed, vast customisable reporting suite, allowing me to drill down and evaluate month-on-month our sales performance. And even break the figures down further to view our sales trends and make confident strategic decisions for our sales push and, as a result, influence our production drive, highlighting the key products to focus our efforts and when. 

Which part of Breww do you use the most?

Breww's platform is so visual, you can see the sale highlights and know accurately where you are in seconds, the customer map detailing demand and recent sales history gives a great overview of the sales performance or purchase history per customer or customer type. Break this down by area, and understand the customers who are behind versus previous years' spend, giving us great direction focus for outreach. Instantly you can check through all aspects of the brewery with Breww's reporting suite and have live data for performance rather than previously which was more of a gut feel or rough check-in. Having this information at my fingertips to examine and work with easily has allowed me so much more time away from admin and given me time to actively grow the brewery business. 

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries?

Yes, for sure, 100%, I have and will continue to do so. Breww has helped streamline our whole business. Collectively at Beak, we are able to use our facility to its potential, manage the brewery and focus on growth as a direct result of improving our ways of working using Breww.

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