Burning Sky Brewery

Since producing the first beer in August 2013, Burning Sky was instantly recognised in the industry being named as 4th Best New Brewery by Ratebeer and Mark awarded Brewer Of The Year by The Guild of British Beer Writers in 2014. We spoke with David Pritchard Operations Manager to see the areas in which Breww has helped their business.

Why did you start using Breww?

My appointment as Operations manager was new to Burning Sky and after reviewing the current software in place it was clear that this was not capable of growing with our business. The platform we needed had to allow for the management of the daily operations all in one suite. Allow shared visibility to all departments of the business and have all of the actions traceable and accountable.

We met with the Breww team at BeerX and were very impressed, the demo showed how Breww is professional, intuitive, and easy to use with vast functionality. Exceeding our requirements, Breww is very well thought out and the whole system is designed specifically to work with our industry. 

Which feature of Breww could you not live without?

In the main, it would be the production side of Breww which gives the highest value to my role - the batch scheduling makes it so easy to understand what is in the flow, to see a visual representation of what we have in production, at what stage within the process all of the way through to the available amount of packaged goods. 

Understanding our costs, the actual true costs of each batch (including all of the input costs) has made such a difference and is part of the system which has so much value to our operation. The reporting within Breww is huge with vast amounts of pre-built templates which we aim to use fully to manage our brewery in the most efficient way possible, sharing data within the teams to understand all of the key aspects.

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries?

Yes, 100%! We are very impressed, such a capable, intuitive platform to use and designed specifically for breweries. The backup and support in the demo phase, migration process and now the day-to-day has been 10 out of 10 - I cannot fault it. Breww has become my daily habit and background to our brewery, pricing is based on volume with no additional user costs, it's a no-brainer!

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