Optimise your routes using real roads and driving times

Our standard AI routing tool is already extremely powerful. Now you can take this up a level by using real roads (rather than line-of-sight routing) and historic traffic data from TomTom to ensure your routes are as efficient as possible. You’ll be able to see driving distances and times in addition to customer ETAs, driver breaks and time between drops for even more accurate communication with your customers.

Customer delivery windows

Have you ever turned up to a customer delivery to find they’re not open or able to accept a delivery? With Breww, you can make this scenario a thing of the past. Our AI route optimisation tool considers when customers can accept deliveries to ensure you never waste a journey again. You can also ensure that priority deliveries are scheduled above others to prevent any unhappy customers.

Customisable vehicle requirements

Do some deliveries require a certain vehicle or team (for example, a tail-lift or 2-person delivery)? Our customisable vehicle attributes enable you to select whether a delivery might need a certain type of vehicle or delivery team before it’s routed to ensure your stock is always picked for the correct vehicle, as well as prevent the vehicle from being overloaded. You can also set vehicle speed factors, which allows you to adjust the speed of a vehicle in comparison to Breww’s routing engine, ensuring whatever the delivery vehicle, your customer is always receiving the most accurate delivery ETA.

Proof of delivery

Has a customer ever queried whether an order was delivered? It happens, so our Proof of Delivery (POD) tools allow you to quickly and auditable record PODs for each order. Breww’s standard deliveries package allows you to capture signatures against invoices and delivery notes, but Breww’s Advanced Deliveries addon allow you to capture and store photographic PODs against each order, ensuring you always have a record of what was delivered.

New Mexico Ferments

New Mexico Ferments is a kombucha producer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We have been in business for just over 5 years and sell our products in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos areas. We manage all of our own…

New Mexico Ferments
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