Lunn's Mill Beer Company Ltd.

Lunn’s Mill opened their doors in March 2017 to a long line of people seeking good beer and has established themselves to be the local for many of these good beer seekers over the years! They have seven core beers and many seasonal brews. Their lineup has something for every beer lover whilst they enjoy the views of the Lunn’s Mill pond.

Why did you start using Breww?

When signing up, the LM team wishlist for Breww was a system that could provide greater control over their inventory management. Specifically greater cost control for raw materials and controls for their packaging process.  

This was due to greater regulation around tracking raw materials but to replace an existing process relying on multiple systems. Sean and the team wanted to reduce not only the financial cost of this system but also the time spent. 

Sean is pleased to report that Breww has significantly saved time and cost. After getting familiar with the system, he was keen to complement the seamless flow of the software, from inventory to sales. 

Sean gave another packaging example: The ability to automate the running down of can-related inventory when racking products in real time. This saves the team a considerable amount of time in admin, but cost reporting is updated seamlessly, too. This gives the LM team a granular view of all associated packaging costs, which are not only summarised across all packaging operations but on a batch-by-batch basis. 

Which areas of the business has Breww helped you to improve the most? 

Sean hands down answered this as batch scheduling and fermentation tracking. Having these process tasks in one central location and the ability to quickly edit, record and follow these has been huge versus their former spreadsheets and processes. 

They use the Breww recipes not only to track each stage of every batch of beer produced for quality and cost control. The LM team uses them for their centralised SOP routine. Ensuring that quality control and accountability is across everything they do. They can then take learnings from any notes or recorded actions/observations. This enables them to provide feedback and training where required. 

Sean and the team are using the Breww cleaning and maintenance records for every piece of equipment in the brewhouse for opening and closing down equipment. Additionally, the team includes their coolers and sets regular actions to check temperatures and ensure accountability is maintained across the team for end-of-day checks. 

Breww provides a crucial ‘eyes on approach’ that was previously harder to monitor and control.

Which features in Breww could you not live without?

Sean quickly responded, “It’s got to be scheduling!” Before Breww, they were using Gantt chart-based software for their brew planning. He informed me that the Breww scheduling calendar and the pre-brew stock check feature have more than bettered this system.

These features not only allow the LM team to maintain a regular schedule, but these tools give them the flexibility to make quick changes, add new beers that have been added on the fly, and manage the goods in process easily with Breww’s inventory management. 

If you spend a little time in advance, the setup of Breww will save you in the long run!

How has your business grown with Breww? 

Sean highlighted that everything we had discussed had seen vital process-led improvement across the board. However, he specifically mentioned that LM has seen a significant improvement in its production efficiencies. Due to the amount of control Breww has given them over production in terms of data capture and visualisation. 

How often are you engaging with the community in Breww?

Sean advised that he regularly delves into Breww’s bespoke community and browses the article library to find answers to any feature-related questions he has. There are always improvements to the platform that benefit customers, and the Breww library articles ensure that you always have the answers. 

Sean and the LM team were key to a recent feature request change that made scrolling through maintenance records easier. Due to the large number of records that Lunn’s Mill had, more clicks were required to get to a specific record. However, after this adjustment, this is now a more streamlined process. 

Due to this change going live, each member of the LM team received their voting token back, due to the completion of the request. This ensures that any future ideas they have can be voted on, and great feature request ideas are rewarded. 

Would you recommend Breww?

Yes! Sean advised that since moving to Breww, they have saved so much time. He equated this to saving multiple hours in a day. He advised that the lives of their production and sales teams have been made easier. Since using Breww, the link between these departments has never been so connected. 

He highlighted how they could not live without Breww’s inventory tracking now!

Wider team feedback:

Sean also wanted to point out that his delivery driver has been especially happy since joining Breww. Their previous spreadsheet for managing all deliveries was very manual and cumbersome. 

However, using the Breww downloadable app (Android and iOS) and the ability to produce a digital or physical manifest has made him extremely happy. He can use the Breww delivery function in a way that works for him, and the whole process connects really well from the point of sale to distribution.


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