Hook Point Brewing Company

The Flat Hat beer brand was established in 2016 by veteran naval aviator Mike Sadler, who wanted to follow his quest for adventure after his military retirement. He aimed to create a brand from the term “flat hat,” which originated from the early days of Naval aviation and means “unauthorized, low-altitude flying” or, broadly speaking, to fly outside the rules. From the initial brand, Flat Hat American Ale, a full craft brewery was born. With production based in Collierville, and the brewpub in East Memphis, Hook Point Brewing Co is a true 901 company.

Why did you start using Breww? 

Initially, we needed something other than spreadsheets and paper to track our rackings, efficiency, and where our kegs were in trade. Since taking Breww on, we have discovered that the full suite of functionality offers many more benefits to our brewery and sales teams. 

Which areas of the business has Breww helped you improve? 

As we have moved from the three-tier distribution system to self-distribution, the CRM portion of Breww has proved invaluable. We are still feeling out everything to finalize processes, but the notes, maps and containers in trade have proven crucial.

Which features in Breww could you not live without? 

The Keg tracking is invaluable and is a key tool that saves us so much time, we lost many hours calling around for empty kegs and updating spreadsheets. We also use the entire production tab to monitor our brewing process from start to finish. 

How has your business grown since using Breww? 

We have opened our taproom and increased keg sales dramatically. By having Breww in place, that growth stage was much less painful since we already had processes and tracking in place.

Since using Breww, do you have any measurable savings? 

Time savings on reporting, for sure. Being able to easily gather rackings for a time period with a couple of clicks is invaluable. I’m really looking forward to the TTB reporting too, it'll save us so much time on a quarterly basis. That was an awesome addition!

How often are you engaging with the community functionality within Breww? 

We are actively browsing at least once a month. We are commenting less because our small team has gathered even more tasks with our growth.

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries? 


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