Redding Beer Company

We are the Redding Beer Company located in Redding, Connecticut. We specialize in American and European traditional, classic and historical beer styles produced in small batches. We consider ourselves an artisan craft brewery where we take great pride in all of our original beers.

Why did you start using Breww?

We started using Breww to gain better control over our brew scheduling, inventory control, and sales tracking. We had previously used a brewery management system from another vendor, but we found that what they offered was hard to use and couldn’t meet our requirements.

Which areas of the business has Breww helped you improve?

We have seen improvements using Breww with our brew day management, recipe management, batch tracking, delivery coordination and keg tracking/management.

Which features in Breww could you not live without?

The sales management, recipe management, and this is going to seem like a strange one, but the support we get from Breww. With their community functionality and 24-hour ticketing system (which is usually answered sooner than the service agreement states), it makes all the difference when you have a question about the platform. 

How has your business grown since using Breww?

We implemented Breww in the fall of 2022, two months later, we were approached by a distributor who wanted to start representing our beer. With Breww and its capabilities, it was a much easier undertaking.

Since using Breww, do you have any measurable savings?

We saw savings on two fronts;  First, the cost of Breww was 1/10 of what our previous system was. And second, the added features that Breww included over that system saved us money for not having to license that additional functionality.

Which part of Breww do you use the most?

A better question would be, what part of Breww do we use less than we want and want to use more? Right now, we have not entirely integrated our POS, but that will change shortly.

How often are you engaging with the community functionality within Breww?

I check into the community almost every day, often at lunch, just to see what’s going on and see what other breweries are doing, what other questions they might have and whatever solutions they come up with. I must stress that our support with Breww is exceptional within the community and directly from Breww.

Would you recommend Breww to other breweries?

Without question, absolutely!


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