Introduction to sales

Manage your customers, orders, credit notes, payments and more in the Sales section.


Breww allows you to easily manage your orders and payments. We'll help you see which invoices are over-due payment and quickly input new orders. Using our accountancy integrations we can also sync them to your accounting platform.

Orders in Breww can move through the following statuses: Draft Confirmed Invoiced Cancelled.

Status Explanation
Draft Draft orders are completely editable. It's a useful holding state for an order that hasn't been finished for some reason, perhaps you are waiting to hear back from the customer about one final item or you want to flag to your delivery drivers that this isn't ready to be delivered yet.
Confirmed Confirm an order when you are happy that, provided nothing changes, it is all good to deliver. This way your delivery team know it's ready to go. Confirmed orders can be moved back into draft at any moment (with the exception of orders created by an external sales platform integration), so if a customer phones up to change their order it's not a problem. Orders cannot be delivered until they have been confirmed.
Invoiced Invoiced orders are the point the order becomes an invoice. Breww will move confirmed orders that have left duty suspense to this stage automatically, but you can do it manually if you wish. This is the point the invoice will appear in your accountancy software if you have connected one. Invoiced orders cannot be edited.
Cancelled Cancelled orders cannot be delivered or invoiced.

Price books

When you create products to sell within Breww (see the Products section) you enter the basic price. Price books are how you manage more complex pricing. You can create multiple price books (e.g. Retail and Wholesale) and then assign customers to the correct price book. This way you can ensure that customers are always charged the correct price, and that pricing itself never becomes a pain. There's even some advanced price books:

  • Discount price books - created from a base price book on top of which discount rates are applied. These can be either a flat rate or a differential rate. Discounts appear on the invoice as discounts from the base price book price.
  • Price per ABV price book - charge by volume of alcohol. A price per ABV price book allows you to simply input the price per percentage, and we'll calculate the rest.


Ullage is used to manage lost or spoilt beer after you've sold it - and making sure you don't pay unnecessary beer duty. If a customer contacts you to let you know some beer was lost and cannot be sold, you can reclaim the duty paid on that beer by using our ullage tool.