Introduction to containers

Containers are what you rack your beer into when using the Production section. Examples include Firkins, Pins, 50L kegs and 300ml Bottles, but you can make your own types so Breww works best for you.

Container types

A container type represents anything that you package your beer in, for example a Firkin or a Can. We highly recommend setting your container types up as the base unit (e.g. Can - 330ml, rather than Case of 24 x 330ml Cans), as it provides more flexibility throughout the product management process. If you would like to set-up a case of cans or bottles, you can do so by creating a product that uses multiple cans or bottles, see the Products section. Breww can handle a different taxable capacity from the gross capacity for your beer duty return.

Containers (returnable)

You can create your casks/kegs in Breww individually or in bulk. Breww has full container tracking functionality built-in for your casks and kegs. You can see where they are currently (which customer, or with you at the brewery) and if they've been assigned to an order/delivery. We'll produce barcode labels which can be printed and stuck onto the containers to help this. Learn more about barcode scanning and labels.

Non-returnable Containers

When you receive some non-returnable containers (such as KegStar kegs) you can create these in Breww. We'll generate barcode labels (similar to how they work with your own containers) to allow you to track them through Breww and make sure the right containers are delivered to the right customers.