Track your duty returns over time

Each month Breww generates you a new return and we keep these records forever. Go back in time and check anything you need.

Let us calculate the duty for you

Breww tracks when you sell your beer and when you deliver it, so you only need to pay duty when it leaves your brewery (we even support 3rd-party bonded sites and other advanced options). This is the most cashflow-friendly way of calculating beer duty, but it's often too complicated to do without a platform like Breww to do it for you. If your beer is lost or spolit, before or after delivery to a customer, Breww will ensure you claim back any duty already paid. If a beer is returned and is suitable to be re-sold, Breww knows this and makes sure you don't pay that duty again when you sell it next time.

Breww has full support for both small brewers and larger breweries, as well as beers of varying strengths - if you produce beer in the UK, we can calculate your duty for you. You can even choose which ABV calculation method you'd like to use (advertised, measured or manually specified).

Breww will calculate exactly what needs to be entered into your EX46 Beer Duty Return form and show it in the format you need.

Generate a full breakdown that keeps any auditor or tax inspector happy

Nobody enjoys an audit from HMRC, but if you use Breww, you can sit back and relax while the inspector checks through the breakdown Breww provides. Every question that they could have can be answered from one detailed full breakdown that's available to you at the click of a button. Where did your beer go, and for which invoice, was it returned - and if so was it spoilt or re-sold?

Need to make a manual adjustment? No problem

Breww knows what's going on in Breww, but sometimes something external happens. If this is the case, you can input this manually to Breww to ensure that detailed records are always kept in one place and your duty return always matches the duty reporting provided by Breww. Once an adjustment (positive or negative) has been added, it's locked in forever to ensure full-auditability. If you made a mistake, you can make another entry to counter it, without ever re-writing history. HMRC love this.

But that's not all… There's so much more to Breww than we can show here.
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