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July 2021

You can now easily rack from multiple containers at once, and also merge multiple containers together into larger ones.

There's now a button to quickly set the delivery date to the same date as the invoice date.

Zettle POS (previously iZettle) integration is now available to use. Import your POS sales into Breww and sync stock to your Zettle account.

Billing/delivery addresses can now be edited after invoicing an order.

The Breww-wide search has been made more obvious in the header of all pages.

Tracked containers (e.g. casks/kegs) can now be deleted if you no longer have them. Ideal if they've been sold or irreparably damaged, for example.

More reports on credit notes have been added, including graphing their value over time and exporting to Excel. The reporting page has also had a redesign to help you find the report you need more easily.

When printing racking labels (pre-packaging), you can now optionally specify a best-before date to override the default for the beer.

You can now easily view (and filter) a list of all completed cleaning & maintenance records.

Managing your duty returns is now even easier, with the ability to move deliveries scheduled for one month but completed the next back to the return for their scheduled date.

Finalised purchase orders can now be returned to a draft state for modifications if required.

The mobile app for Android and iOS now shows the total number of casks/kegs scanned while racking.

Breww now supports "Derived beers", which are similar to "Alias beers", but have some key differences, to resolve the times when an alias beer didn't work quite right for you. View more

New reports have been added for reporting on your payments & refunds.

June 2021

Like saving trees? You can now disable the printing of the loading order on your delivery manifests. Check the Delivery settings area of your account for the new option.

Delivery charge structures can now be defined based upon order value or weight. These can then be linked to customers, customer types and customer groups. This allows simple automatic delivery charges to be added to orders and be automatically recalculated when the products on the order change. View more

Breww now allows you to choose your barcode format in your Label Settings. The new "Advanced 2D" format is more resilient to damage such as tears and scuffs, but is not supported by some older/entry-level barcode scanners. If you use a modern scanner or the Breww App, you will benefit from swapping to the new format. View more

The Breww mobile app now supports returning containers (casks/kegs) from customers to the brewery, using our lightning fast built-in barcode scanner.

It's now possible to specify a label print colour on each beer for delivery and racking labels. You'll need a printer that can print in colour (which is uncommon on thermal label printers) to take advantage of this.

Product prices can now be entered to 4 decimal places, allowing you to achieve any gross price you'd like when selling direct to consumers.

Tasks now have a calendar view to allow you to easily go back, or forward in time!

You can now control which customers receive printed invoices/delivery notes, based upon a setting on individual customers and a brewery default if when this hasn't been set explicitly on a customer (see Settings > Order/invoice settings). Let's save the planet together. View more

Planned packagings can now be given a priority which will govern the order in which they are used and you can drag and drop them to make setting them a breeze.

You can now create 'Part-filled' products, that can be racked into for when you haven't completely filled a cask or keg.

We've changed how deliveries have their stock/containers assigned behind the scenes. This is huge step forward for Breww and opens the door to many extra improvements that we can't wait to share with you, including better control over how & when stock is assigned to your deliveries, simpler preparation of your deliveries and faster page loads all around the deliveries section of Breww. View more

May 2021

The available products report can now be filtered by container type.

Alias beers are now fully supported on the Breww Trade Store. To sell your alias beer products, first create an alias beer (from the main beer page) and then add the alias beer products to the beer and enable them for sale on your Breww Trade Store.

Do you sell to pub chains where the group has pricing that they'd like hidden from the individual pubs? If so, you can enable a new option (for a subset of customers only) to hide their pricing on the Breww Trade Store, but still let them place orders.

There's now an option to show a warning to customers on the Breww Trade Store if they are over their credit limit, or their basket contents will take them over it.

It's now possible to specify your own Terms & Conditions for orders placed via your Breww Trade Store. Your customers will be required to accept these conditions before placing an order.

The batch schedule now uses the beer's colour as the bar colour.

The sales by beer graph on the main dashboard now uses the beer's colour as the bar colour.

You can now customise the background colour of your "avatar" (your initials in a coloured circle) if you don't like the colour Breww picks you by default, or it's too similar to another team member's.

Notes & comments can be added to specific vessels and Breww will store them safely for future uses. The vessel detail page has also had an overhaul to make it easier to see what you need at a glance.

There's now the option to enable "Prevent over-selling of stock" which will stop you from adding out-of-stock products to orders. This option is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you'd like.

You can now sort your deliveries by weight to make managing them and planning your day easier.

When updating a recipe, you can now click 'Copy stages from another recipe', to quickly and easily copy over multiple stages from other recipes.

BrewwQL, Breww's advanced filtering language now has a simple "Add filer" front end to help you create simple filters without the learning curve that BrewwQL used to have. This makes making simple filters even easier without losing the incredible power that's possible with manual filters in BrewwQL.

The Square integration has been launched! You can now integrate your Square POS (point-of-sale) account with Breww for stock level and order syncing!

View the recipes that currently use a particular stock item directly from the stock item's detail page.

The default email body when sending purchase orders to your suppliers can now be customised in your account settings.

Vessels can now be transferred between bonded sites, even when they're filled (handy if you use vessels like Arlingtons).

Brewing systems can now be edited and deleted if required.

You can now configure automatic delivery scheduling for trade store orders to save you even more time every day.

Raw data explorer reports can now be saved against your account and optionally shared with your team - really helpful to save you configuring the same exports regularly. Field ordering can also be changed with a drag and drop.

A handy report showing all products currently available (in-stock) at a glance is now available. Great for empowering your sales team. Find it under the 'Tools' menu in the products section.

There's a new option for scheduling deliveries from Shopify/WooCommerce/Squarespace orders of: Create auto-scheduled deliveries as my own vehicle deliveries if they fall into a configured "delivery area", otherwise create as courier deliveries.

Vessels can now be hidden from the production dashboard if you only want to see some on the dashboard (ideal if you have hundreds of barrels for example).

Adding a helper button on a beer to create multi-packs in a couple of clicks to save you time.

Specific gravity can now be measured to five decimal places, and colour has been added to the available batch readings.

Sites and locations can now be deleted if you no longer need them.

April 2021

Cask & Keg beer products can now be marked as bright to use the gross capacity as the taxable capacity. Previous this was done via an option at the time of racking, but has been moved to the product to reduce the chances of mistakes when racking and simplify the process.

You can now see purchase order receipt statuses at a glance.

Customers now have a tab to see their previously purchased products at a glance.

You can now set up automatic out-of-stock substitutions for products and Breww will apply these to your orders for you. This is ideal if you sell a mixed-pack where 'contents may vary' for example.

Sage 50 accounts integration launched! Breww is now integrated with 5 different accounting platforms, with more to come soon.

Added an ingredient cost breakdown to the batch cost report.

We've added some helpful stats to the beer batch screen on how much beer has been racked and into which containers.

Beers can now be given a packaging approval template, which can optionally be required to be completed before racking/packaging batches of the beer. You can fully customise the checks made and even use automatically populated fields (such as OG, FG, ABV and batch analysis readings). A special permission level is required to approve batches so you can restrict which users can do this if you need to.

With the customer screen showing the most recent 30 'activities', you can now click through to a full list of all activity ever.

The 'All sales' report now displays total litres.

New batch actions can now be undone, as can receiving products from an off-site packaging. So you can now move in-progress batches back to their planned state.

You can now view a list of all customers who are assigned to a specific customer type.

We've added a printable collection manifest to help with getting collection orders for the day ready.

From a stock item (such as an ingredient), you can now see all the batches of beer which used the item.

Delivery label settings now allow you to not display a BBE on the label, and to not print labels for smallpack delivery items.

Add a private alert note to a customer, which will be prominently displayed on the customer's screen and on their invoice and delivery pages.

You can now add multiple notes to batches, from both the batch's detail page and the brew sheet page, and associate them with recipe stages if relevant.

Improvements to the ABV report on beers, allowing you to see the maximum, minimum and average ABV recorded for batches of the beer.

Raw data explorer tool allows you to export almost any dataset within Breww to Excel for analysis and manipulation elsewhere. Filter the dataset as you need with BrewwQL and choose which fields you care about in the export and which you don't. You can even "join" from one data type to another, such as from Invoices to Customers to Customer Groups, in order to use Customer Group data along-side your Invoice data.

Simplified the process for adding a simple value discount to an entire order rather than specific to a product on the order.

March 2021

Files can now be uploaded to inventory/stock items, this is perfect for supplier specifications, MSDSs, SOPs, etc.

Optionally view your credit note lines on the 'All sales' report.

A history of actions is now viewable for each vessel, so you can easily see what has moved through it and when.

Breww can now sync your suppliers and inventory receipts into your accounting software! View more

Courier delivery pick-list now shows the full order breakdown View more

Customer credit limit information can now be set on initial customer creation.

You now have the option to include the product code on your PDF sales invoices.

You can now link stock items to suppliers with supplier SKUs, pack sizes, prices and more. This simplifies creating purchase orders and inventory receipts in Breww.

Inventory receipts which have been added to stock, can now have their price modified and the new cost price will be reflected all around Breww, including beer batches using the relevant stock. This is useful if you receive the invoice from your supplier after delivery and need to make a correction.

View a gravity, temperature and pH comparisons of any batch against recent batches of the same recipe! Simply click "Compare with recent batches" under the Analysis tab on a batch.

Breww now integrates with Clear Books!

You can now add custom stock item sub-types to use when a stock item is of type "Other" to allow better filtering.

You can now duplicate a product with the click of a button to save you time when creating similar products.

Equipment that you no longer need can now be deleted.

Purchase orders can now be emailed to your suppliers in just a couple of clicks.

Breww now has full support for Purchase Orders - you can track what you ordered separately from what was actually received and easily see what's over/under delivered. View more

You can now duplicate inventory receipts to be a quick start to making a new one like an old one.

You can new delete old price books that you no longer use and don't want people to use by accident.

Pickup windows can be set on uplifts now, just like they could be on deliveries before.

You can now specify the delivery window for a specific order, which will take precedence cover the customer's standard delivery window for that day of the week.

A notes section has been added to container pages so you can keep permanent records against individual tracked containers.

You can now complete an uplift without collecting any containers. Handy if there wasn't any or you actually want to schedule in the pickup of something else. They can also now be scheduled for no containers.

A delivery run can be reversed in one click, if you like the route but want to do it in reverse order instead!

All products on a simple price book can now be bulk-changed in one go by a fixed amount or % increase.

Delivery manifest improvements, with vehicle loading order and mixed-pack case contents for quick reference.

With advanced deliveries you can now get route times, distances and ETAs generated for manually created or modified delivery runs.

Delivery run info and ETA (if you have advanced deliveries) is now shown on the main order/invoice screen to save you time visiting the deliveries section to get this info.

On the trade store, you can now specify "welcome text" to be shown on the page that you link to from your site where existing customers can login and new customers can request access.

February 2021

The customer importer and updater now accept the credit limit and over credit limit fields to be specified.

You can now specify a start and end location for you delivery vehicles with advanced deliveries. So if your final destination is home, Breww will get you there!

There's a new trade store setting to allow showing the 'list price' next to the customer's own price to highlight that they are getting a discount.

You can now be BCCed into your trade store order confirmation emails.

You can now define 'trade store rules' and assign them to customer types (e.g. pubs) or individual customers. These rules can be used to impose a minimum order value, or prevent viewing/purchasing of certain products (for example to hide kegs from non-local bottle shops).

Your customers now receive an order confirmation email when a trade store order is placed, confirming the items, quantities and total price.

On the trade store, out of stock items now show with a 'Pre-order' button if you allow back-orders.

Improved route generation of delivery runs involving time windows that must be met as part of our Advanced Deliveries addon.

Brew sheets (the live, non-PDF version) is now tab based to save you scrolling to the bottom!

Improved flow/user experience when adding and updating items on orders to make creating multi-line orders even faster!

Logging of product additions & edits, and delivery changes and on orders added so you know who did what and when.

You can now use calculated fields inside other calculated fields, allowing easier construction of complex formulae.

Basic transfer actions can now be undone.

Container types can be marked as obsolete. The containers and products linked to them still exist but the type no longer shows for creating new containers or products.

When creating cleaning process schedules you can now pick multiple pieces of equipment in one go, and create the same schedule for them all in one go.

January 2021

Ability to undo sent for off-site packaging actions.

Cleaning & maintenance records have arrived! Keep track of everything you need for SALSA accreditation, manage the stock of your chemicals and more. View more

Improved interface for adding products to an order, with suggestions of previous purchases by the customer, popular products and a clever live search.

Customer delivery time windows can now be set per day of the week, allowing a different time window on a Monday vs a Saturday for example.

Added new recipe action of 'Take note', for specifying that you would like observations or notes taken.

It's now possible to cancel SIBA orders directly in Breww and we'll confirm this back to SIBA DDS for you.

Breww can now automatically email PDF invoices to your customers when you convert an order into an invoice. Switch this setting on in your Invoice Settings and customise the email template in your Email Settings.

More options are now available for sales platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, etc) order imports and how Breww should handle deliveries. Check your integration config to customise this (the default remains unchanged).

Customer and contact bulk updater is live. You can now download a CSV of your customer data from Settings > Data imports and updates, and then upload the updated CSV to be updated in Breww.

Happy New Year! You can now create all other pieces of equipment, such as chillers or bottling machines, in Breww (in addition to vessels and brewing systems). Advanced cleaning & maintenance schedules/records will be coming soon - watch this space!

December 2020

Advanced deliveries addon released with loads of features to save you time and money on your delivery operation. View more

Ability to use contract brewers added. You can now create batches and assign them to a contract brewer, as well as specifying how the duty is paid on that beer.

Racking forms have been given an upgrade, and are now much more intuitive to use. You can also rack directly from a batch, not just by vessel.

We've launched the Breww Community - somewhere to talk about Breww, ask questions, find answers, and suggest & discuss feature requests & ideas with the wider Breww community. View more

This is a big one - the Breww Trade Store platform is now available! You can now offer a private web-based shop for your trade customers, fully branded and private to your brewery only! See our features page for more info! View more

You can now move an entire delivery run (and all its orders/deliveries) to another date in just a couple of clicks.

Vessels (e.g. fermenters, brite tanks, etc) can be marked as chilling and/or carbonated and will be highlighted with an icon on the production dashboard.

Full credit account management is now built into Breww! You can enter credit limits per customer and optionally get Breww to enforce that orders which would exceed the credit limit cannot be dispatched.

Payments have had a big overhaul and all order payments now link back to customer payments. This allows you to enter one large payment from a customer and assign this to multiple orders/invoices and keep track of any "spare" balance on the customer's account for future orders.

November 2020

Mixed-packs can now be disassembled back into their component individual bottles/cans of beer. This has been possible for a while with multi-packs so we're delighted to complete the functionality with mixed-packs too.

Auto-disassemble setting is now live, enabling Breww to intelligently disassemble cases into smaller cases in order to fulfill orders. It can be switched on in your delivery settings.

The Squarespace integration has arrived! Easily connect your online Squarespace store to Breww.

Price books can now be auto-updated with all product types, including stock items and guest beers.

New pricing tab on products, allowing you to manage and view a product's pricing without needing to go to each price book.

Customers, suppliers and 3rd party packagers have been unified into a shared data structure, allowing all the fancy features of customers, such as contacts, activity history, tasks, etc to be used on other entities too.

Added the ability to allocate inventory receipt additional costs proportionally based on the line's total price.

Show category breakdown totals on stock valuation report, as well as line totals.

Log your fermentation readings from the production dashboard by simply clicking on the vessel's visualisation.

October 2020

Accurate, auditable stock takes through CSV exports and imports added.

Added the ability to override the company name on invoices.

Added inventory receipt entries to report builder - now you can dig even deeper into your purchasing data.

Breww is now officially a certified partner of Xero.

You can now enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on your account to provide even more account security and keep your account safe, even if your password is compromised. Admin users can require all users of their brewery to set up 2FA to continue using Breww.

Struggle to remember passwords? You can now sign up and log into Breww using your Google, Facebook or Xero account! If you already have a Breww account, go to your Profile then 'Manage Social Logins' to link your partner account to your existing Breww account.

The pre-brew stock check now allow you to the view the effect that planned batches, in-progress batches and draft inventory receipts will have on your stock levels.

Products can now be viewed grouped by beer, packaging type (e.g. cask or bottle), guest beers, stock items, etc. The original list of all products is still available.

Overhaul of the beer screen, with more details around previous batches and stocks available. You can now easily see how many bottles (for example) you have, even if some are singles and some are in multi-packs or mixed-packs.

Added the ability to add volume to a vessel for in-progress batches, for example when adding a liquid ingredient that increases the volume.

September 2020

Extra items can now be added to SIBA Beerflex DDS orders (such as pump clips), provided they are free to the customer.

It's possible to manually change the invoice date of orders from integrations (such as Shopify, WooCommerce and SIBA) until the point that they are invoiced.

Old recipes can be obsoleted to remove them from view.

Added the ability to filter customers by number of invoiced orders in BrewwQL.

Ability to merge customers together, with smart conflict resolver tool.

Mobile app for Apple iOS updated and first release for Android devices! Take advantage of the built-in barcode scanner for racking, container assignment (for deliveries), on-screen signature capture, and navigation with your favourite sat-nav app. Now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Total revenue and total litres sold by sales person report added.

Ability to disconnect from your accountancy provider when necessary.

Credit notes can now be saved as drafts and accept multiple lines. Products can also be assigned to credit note lines.

Simplified taking signature for delivery notes and invoices into a single flow with the ability to apply the same signature to both documents or correct the signature if a mistake was made.

BrewwQL can now understand human-readable dates and relative times. For example: last_order_date > "30 days ago".

August 2020

Breww Tilt™ Connect for automatic logging of fermentation readings to Breww is now out of beta testing and available to everyone.

Undo racking actions that were made in mistake.

SIBA Beerflex DDS automatic payment reconciliation. Upload the PDFs that SIBA email you to Breww and we'll check them off against all your orders so you can always see what's outstanding or unpaid by SIBA.

Uplift orders can be raised to organise collecting returnable containers (e.g. casks & kegs) from customers. They'll be included in Breww's route optimisation to ensure the most efficient routes are generated.

July 2020

New account option to allow invoice dates to be set automatically upon invoicing an order (and the new due date to be calculated accordingly).

Containers in trade with a customer can now be viewed from within a new tab on the main customer screen.

Courier deliveries can now be managed in Breww and don't get mixed up with your own vehicle deliveries and collections.

Users can invite others to view their tasks, with the ability for the permission to optionally expire. Useful when someone takes over someone's jobs over a holiday.

Brewery admins can now view all other user's tasks.

Custom order filters allow you to customise what you see on your own sales dashboard, and greatly streamline searching and finding key information!

Notes can be added to delivery runs.

Part-emptying containers now supported.

SIBA Beerflex DDS integration released - import your DDS orders from SIBA to Breww, generate SIBA-friendly delivery notes within Breww and automatically update DDS when you deliver the items within Breww.

WooCommerce integration landed - sync stock levels from Breww to WooCommerce, import your orders and watch them be automatically marked as shipped in WooCommerce when you deliver them in Breww.

June 2020

Advanced report builder launched. You can now create your own bespoke reports, generating graphs, Microsoft Excel exports and automatically being emailed to you on a schedule defined by you.

Customise your quantity assigned figure by specifying whether draft orders should be included or not in product settings.

BrewwQL advanced filtering has now been brought to orders, allowing you unlimited control on which orders you see.

Invoices changed to Orders to more accurately reflect how they operate with the new statuses.

New status of 'Confirmed' added to invoices, allowing greater control and flexibility in your invoicing workflow.

More advanced options added for automatic delivery date suggestions and they're now bank holiday aware (even to the differences between England, Scotland, NI, etc)

Shopify integration launched, with more online shop integrations to come soon!

Added customisable fermentation log forms with more options to choose from. Get in touch if you'd like to see more options added!

Breww Tilt™ Connect in beta testing. Automatic fermentation monitoring using a Tilt Hydrometer.

Breww-wide search available! Click the search icon at the top of all pages and search for customers, beers, batches, products, ingredients, any almost anything else in Breww - all from one place!

May 2020

Delivery section upgrades, with vehicle management and free vehicle route optimisation! Allow Breww to optimize which deliveries are allocated to which vehicle, and in which order deliveries are dropped.

Updated help section with instructional videos. An info button is now available on all pages with relevant help information for that section.

Record a greater number of activity types against a customer, such as notes, calls and meetings.

Updated customer screen. The telesales and customer pages have been merged for a quicker, more streamlined solution.

Create tasks, recurring or one-off, for a specific customer.

Custom fields for customers launched. Now you can add custom fields against customers, so there is always a place to store key information.

Greater beer duty management from within Breww, with custom notes and adjustments and automatic adjustments calculated from ABV changes to historical batches.

Simple customer data redaction tool to make GDPR compliance easier.

User groups added, allowing you to create custom groups of users and manage their tasks and permissions.

Tasks module added, allowing you to easily manage your day-to-day tasks, both one-off and repeating. There's more to come in this area, watch this space!

April 2020

Average packaging time per product report.

Inventory by date report, see what your inventory looked like on any given date.

Stock adjustment functionality to allow for easier and traceable stock control.

Print stock labels for transformed products.

Added ability to obsolete beers, to avoid old beers cluttering your view when no longer needed.

Export customers and contacts into CSV format, with the ability to filter them using BrewwQL.

Introduction of BrewwQL, Breww's advanced query language. Initially available on customers and contacts, you can now easily run advanced queries on your customer and contact data and export the results into CSV.

Added ability to empty multiple containers at once added. Simply go to the relevant product screen and empty from there.

March 2020

Added profile pictures (or "avatars") for all users, using Gravatar where possible, to better visually represent users in Breww.

Option to use Plato rather than Specific gravity added.

Customers and contacts can be tagged with customisable tags for simple yet powerful filtering and reports.

Customers can now have multiple contacts, and both customers and contacts can have multiple email addresses and phone numbers.

Added vessel visualisation to show you all your mash tuns, fermenters, brite tanks, barrels, etc and how full they are right now.

Overhaul of inventory receipt entry, making the process smoother and quicker.

Added "Brewer" to batch display, so that you can easily at a glance see who started the batch and edit if necessary.

Added vessel visualisation to show you all your mash tuns, fermenters, brite tanks, barrels, etc and how full they are right now.

February 2020

You can now have access to multiple breweries with your Breww account. Use Breww like normal, but switch between breweries you have access to from the Profile section of your account. Ideal if you brew on behalf of other breweries.

Upload documents, photos and more to be stored against your customers or batches of beer (gyles). We'll store them safely for as long as you need.

New report for viewing total sales by product, with quantities, totals and percentage of overall sales.

The delivery payments (cash) report now shows payments added though the main orders section too in case your delivery drivers add the payment there.

Added ability to sync customer groups as customers on Xero integration.

You can now update billing and delivery addresses on orders.

It is now possible to add "aliases" to products so you can sell the same product under multiple names with different pricing, but use the same physical beer stock.

Recipes have been upgraded and brew sheet functionality introduced. Add different action types to recipes, such as checks to make, water additions, readings to take and others. Readings can be tagged to allow reporting across multiple batches and recipe versions.

Use live brew sheets on brew day, or print them as a PDF.

Added pH logging.

Added yeast attenuation graphs.

January 2020

Added 30 and 60 day rolling views to the batch schedule, for easier control and understanding of your brewing schedule.

Xero background refresh enabled. No more manual syncing!

Ability to designate sites as third-party bonded warehouse, so duty can be calculated as under duty suspense to consolidators.

Location support for stock items and products - it's all very well knowing you have something, but you need to know where it is!

Support for multiple warehouses for storage - bonded warehouse aware for beer duty purposes.

Products and stock overhaul, making the process much easier for you when handling multi-packs with full support for multi-packs made up of different beers or stock items (such as a branded glasses).

Brand new design with more helpful dashboard and much kinder on the eyes. (There's also a big benefit for us internally here as this was done along-side a complete ground-up rebuild of our "templating system", which will allow for faster development of new features in Breww.)

Vessels can be marked as obsolete so Breww will not show them to you when you can't use them.

Vastly improved process for inviting new users to join your brewery in Breww. This saves both the inviter and the invitee time.

Ever wondered why you have less (or more) of something in stock than you thought? Brand new stock and product logs allow you to audit what's happened to items over time… Who changed the expiry date of that Citra and when? You can find out in the new logs!

December 2019

Timeline week view on the batch schedule calendar.

Support for VAT exempt customers.

Show the beer in assigned casks on the delivery screen.

The big projects started in November are still on-going and will be live in January. Watch this space!

November 2019

Added the ability to use either the measured ABV or advertised ABV as the dutiable ABV on beer duty reports.

A number of big projects underway, keep your eye's peeled for December's release notes :)

October 2019

Added monthly stock valuation reports, that take a snapshot of your stock at the end of the month automatically and calculate the stock value.

Order number is now editable on draft orders.

Ability to merge and blend batches together.

Ability to add notes to order items.

Ability to add notes to orders.

Ability to add brewery logo to Delivery Labels. Simply turn on this functionality in Settings > Label Settings.

Render draft inventory receipts as PDF purchase orders.

Add rental cost against container types for more accurate cost reports on non-returnables.

Store your beer duty reference number, brewers account number and vat number against duty returns.

Returns of delivered stock not consumed can now be made from deliveries.

Xero integration allows for invoices to be sent either as draft or approved.

Customer types can now have additional delivery best before weeks, for types like Wholesalers that need a longer best before period. They can also be negative.

Added Beer ABV report. Click the "ABV Report" button on a beer screen to see the ABV average over all brewed batches.

Added stock item re-order quantities. Breww will now warn you when stock items fall below their re-order quantities.

Complete overhaul of accountancy integrations - Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage Business Cloud

Overhaul of batch planning calendar with more to come soon - watch this space

Copy recipe button - saves time when making new recipes which are similar to existing recipes

Sales people shown just their own figures on the Dashboard

Show calculated ABVs on batches

Auto allocate smallpack on FIFO basis if you choose not to have full batch tracking on smallpack

Ability to specify a delivery time (e.g. 9am-5am) on a per customer basis, this is shown on delivery manifests, planning screens and transmitted to Maxoptra where applicable

Show fermenter and brite tank capacities when selecting for batch planning

September 2019

Ability to add comments against gravity readings

Download your invoices for your Breww subscription as a PDF directly from the Dashboard

Add "receipt notes" against stock items (such as "delivered packs of 50") which are shown when doing an inventory receipt

Recipe costing report

Many improvements to filtering on beer sales reports

Added draft invoices to dashboard charts as a stacked bar chart

Better handling of beer duty when exporting from the UK to abroad

We did, of course, do lots of development before September 2019, but we've only logged key developments since then onto this page for you to see.