Breww is built on a modern technology stack and is in constant development. We typically deploy updated versions of Breww multiple times a week and because Breww runs in the cloud, you don't need to install anything to get access to the latest developments. Check back on this page regularly to see what we've been working on and to make sure that you're taking advantage of everything Breww has to offer.

November 2019

Added the ability to use either the measured ABV or advertised ABV as the dutiable ABV on beer duty reports.

October 2019

Added monthly stock valuation reports, that take a snapshot of your stock at the end of the month automatically and calculate the stock value.

Invoice number is now editable on draft invoices.

Ability to merge and blend batches together.

Ability to add notes to invoices items.

Ability to add notes to invoices.

Ability to add brewery logo to Delivery Labels. Simply turn on this functionality in Settings > Label Settings.

Render draft inventory receipts as PDF purchase orders.

Add rental cost against container types for more accurate cost reports on non-returnables.

Store your beer duty reference number, brewers account number and vat number against duty returns.

Returns of delivered stock not consumed can now be made from deliveries.

Xero integration allows for invoices to be sent either as draft or approved.

Customer types can now have additional delivery best before weeks, for types like Wholesalers that need a longer best before period. They can also be negative.

Added Beer ABV report. Click the "ABV Report" button on a beer screen to see the ABV average over all brewed batches.

Added stock item re-order quantities. Breww will now warn you when stock items fall below their re-order quantities.

Complete overhaul of accountancy integrations - Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage Business Cloud

Overhaul of batch planning calendar with more to come soon - watch this space

Copy recipe button - saves time when making new recipes which are similar to existing recipes

Sales people shown just their own figures on the Dashboard

Show calculated ABVs on batches

Auto allocate smallpack on FIFO basis if you choose not to have full batch tracking on smallpack

Ability to specify a delivery time (e.g. 9am-5am) on a per customer basis, this is shown on delivery manifests, planning screens and transmitted to Maxoptra where applicable

Show fermenter and brite tank capacities when selecting for batch planning

September 2019

Ability to add comments against gravity readings

Download your invoices for your Breww subscription as a PDF directly from the Dashboard

Add "receipt notes" against stock items (such as "delivered packs of 50") which are shown when doing an inventory receipt

Recipe costing report

Many improvements to filtering on beer sales reports

Added draft invoices to dashboard charts as a stacked bar chart

Better handling of beer duty when exporting from the UK to abroad

We did, of course, do lots of development before September 2019, but we've only logged key developments since then onto this page for you to see.